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We Hear You

While we strive to communicate the technology, install processes, and, more importantly, the benefits of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH). We understand that there will be many questions that you might have on those topics. As we move forward, we’ll update this FAQ based on your feedback. Be sure to click the question to reveal our prepared answers based on our feedback thus far. Thanks for checking out VNET Fiber.

We look forward to expanding to your neighborhood in the future.

 Looking for help with your VNET Fiber service? Visit our Support Page or call us at (814) 636-1500.


  • What does “1 Gigabit per second Internet” really mean?
  • Does VNET Fiber Cap the Data Usage?


Home Phone


  • Why should I register if I can’t get service?


  • Part-time Resident? We Have Seasonal Status
  • What is Fiber to the Home (FTTH)?
  • What kind of services will I be able to sign up for?
  • How are “zones” identified?
  • Why would I want that much speed to my home?